STREET PARTY – Sunday the Second of July, the date of the Westgate Street Party is getting nearer. You will have all received the flyer sent out by the Organising Committee. The final details will be in the next Bulletin, but the party will start at 12 noon. Tables will be provided, but you are asked to bring chairs as well as food and drink to share with your neighbours. The committee are already spending money on insurance, tables, barriers and the necessary road closure licence. You are asked to buy your tickets for £5 per person, as soon as possible, from Nikki Clarke at no 42 Westgate, to help them manage their budget.

PLANTERS – On Saturday 20th May about 20 residents turned to and replanted all the street planters and beds with new flowers and bushes. This monumental work was led by Penny Tomlinson (11 Westgate), to whom enormous thanks are due. Penny has put in a great deal of time with the planning and organisation on the day. She arranged for the beds to be emptied during the preceding week by men from Peter Young’s (15 Westgate) firm, Graffiti Solutions Ltd. Peter also turned to on the day and helped with the heavy lifting as well as providing transport for plants and compost along the road and rubbish to the tip. Penny also enlisted the help of John Corrigan a professional gardener to advise and help. The whole initiative was funded by a grant from the City Council, which Penny and Brian Raincock (4 Mount Lane) had obtained. Thank you to all the contributors and those who turned up on the day. Each planter has now been “adopted” by a resident, who will continue caring and we look forward to Westgate in Bloom. If you can help with watering please contact Penny.

TANNERY CLOSE A planning application and work on the trees is expected soon.

BREWERY FIELD – The Family Fun Day has had to be postponed from Sunday 18th June due to difficulty with the insurance. It will now hopefully take place on Sunday 20th August if the problems can be resolved.

DONT FORGET – Next Coffee morning at the Crate and Apple from 10.00am on Saturday June 3rd. Just turn up, and the next “Locals evening” on 14th June – other events on the website.

Richard Brownfield                                                                                                            June 2017



ROAD DESIGN AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT – Westgate residents’ basic demand

Where there is a clash of traffic planning outcomes then the safety, parking and travel needs of residents in Westgate and nearby roads must have priority over the convenience of visitors and those passing through this neighbourhood

10 essential requirements desired by Westgate residents

  1. Ensure no link to Westgate from the Whitehouse Farm southern access road.
  2. Reduce and eventually eliminate “rat running” along Westgate.
  3. Minimise air pollution and noise.
  4. Create and maintain safe walkways, routes and crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.
  5. Ensure physically separate routes for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.
  6. Retain roadside permit parking for residents, especially the eastern end of Westgate.
  7. Safeguard Westgate’s character by protecting its visual and heritage qualities.
  8. Minimise travel inconvenience for residents in Westgate and adjoining roads.
  9. Maintain safe access to dwelling entrances with obstructions minimised.
  10. Enforce traffic management systems legally, enhanced by IT and deterrents.

These requirements have been prepared by the Associations Committee for discussion at the Annual General meeting in November – when WGRA members will have the opportunity to discuss and amend the final version. What are your views?


Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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