STREET PARTY – Our street party starts at 1200 on Sunday 2nd with complimentary Pimms and soft drinks for the young.   Hubert will then read his ode, after which we move to the tables for lunch. The tables are provided, but please bring your own chairs, utensils and glasses and of course, food and drink, enough to share helps the community spirit. There will be a chill-out space for the teenagers and games for the very young. We look forward to seeing you on the day, there should be nearly 100 people present. All the arrangements have been made by the Westgate Belles and Noel under the command of Brian Raincock. All we need now is fine weather!

WHITEHOUSE FARM The developers are still being very slow over the Section 106 agreement. However, I went to a workshop last week, very well organised by Paula Chatfield of the Parklands Resident’s Association. She had obtained funding from WSCC and arranged for the sessions to be run by Paul Bashford Associates, who are the traffic consultants, who have done a report for WSCC commenting on the Vectos (Traffic consultants to the developers) proposals for managing the traffic from WHF. The meeting itself was a disappointment, as rather than debate the Bashford proposals and get the reaction of local residents, it turned into a brainstorming exercise for suggestions (as one of our table said ”are they trying to get us to do their work for them”). Consultation with locals is an important aim of the WGRA, but I do not think it is worth calling our own meeting, until we have some firm proposals to debate. Incidentally, the “Principles” which have been prepared by the committee to guide discussion about the future of traffic management in Westgate, were published with the last bulletin asking for comments, but I have not received any.

PLANTERS – Thank you to everybody who has continued to keep the planters tidy and water them through the hot weather. Most of the planters are now in bloom and compared to last year, going down Westgate is a real pleasure. All we need to do now is sort out the traffic!

DONT FORGET – Next Coffee morning at the Crate and Apple from 10.00am on Saturday July 1st. Just turn up. The next “Locals evening” will; be on 12th July – other events on the website.

Richard Brownfield                                                                                                            July 2017

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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