Dear Resident,

There was no Bulletin last month as the Newsletter was delivered to every household in the street (I hope). Many thanks to Sarah Quail for the excellent job she did both editing and organising her first Newsletter.

White House Farm (WHF)
The developers have now agreed to hold the first Infrastructure Steering Group (ISG) on 17th June. This is a group which has to be set up and paid for (venue hire etc.) by the developers under the s106 agreement. It will be chaired by Louise Goldsmith and
Councillors, Residents Associations, WSCCS Highways, CDC planners and other interested parties will attend. The objective will be to give an opportunity for local interests to have an influence on the infrastructure projects associated with the building of White House Farm.
In preparation for the ISG meeting, a sub-group of the Committee have been working very hard on an appraisal of the Vectos plans for Westgate and other related issues, which will be presented to the Committee on 3rd June and will hopefully be accepted for wider publication following this. They contain a number of recommendations relevant to the position with regard to infrastructure Issues (traffic calming, cycling provision, roundabout design etc.) which WGRA support.
I had a reply in April (!) to my letter sent in January to the CDC planning department,
following concern that the s106 developers’ plans for Westgate were set in stone, despite the WGRA objecting to them on every available opportunity since they were first published in 2014. The reply from Jo Bell, the manager in charge of planning for WHF, offers some hope in that she states the plans were “indicative” and that a safety audit must be carried out and signed off by the Highways Department of WSCC. We will wait and see.
Jeremy Havard is investigating the feasibility and costs of obtaining a fixed Speed Indicating Device (SID) for Westgate similar to the one you may have seen in Fishbourne. He will report to the Committee on 3rd June.
We congratulate Clare Apel and John-Henry Bowden following their election as our District Councillors for Chichester West ward and Clare Apel, Richard Plowman, John-Henry Bowden and Julian Joy as the City Councillors for Chichester West.
Richard Brownfield

The Street Party – Saturday, 29 June 2019

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Party Time!

The Westgate Beau-Belles’ preparation for the Street Party 2019 continue and the
arrangements will be very similar to those of last year. Please book NOW so that we have an idea on numbers and the space required – ‘flyer replies’ to be dropped into No. 42 please, together with cash or cheques made payable to Nikki Clarke.
We will put up the road closure signs from a week before and more on the Saturday morning. The road closes at 08.30 and then from about 09.30 all the willing volunteers rig the Party.
First come the Gazebos (more required please – and we will try to have a Plan!), then the tables and the bunting. The Pimms Bar comes next and the tables are then decorated. By 11.30-12.00, it should all be ready but the preparations take a lot of work so please come along early to lend a hand!
The Party starts at the Pimms Bar at 13.00 but before then you can bring out your chairs, book your places and put your food and drinks on the tables.
We hope to have the music set up outside No. 28 and ready to go at 13.30 – the Entertainer remains a secret at present!
The Raffle this year will be concentrated on 5 highly desirable prizes and remember that the proceeds go entirely to St. Wilfrids Hospice.
The road will re-open at 18.30 by which time we hope that you have all had a great time. Please don’t forget to help with the dismantling, packing away and street sweeping!
Incidentally if it is wet, we will make a decision as early as possible on whether or not we go ahead.
And finally a reminder that the 2020 Party will be on VE Day – Friday 8th May 2020 (subject to official confirmation that this will be a public holiday!)
Brian Raincock

Coming events:
WGRA Coffee Morning: Every 1st Saturday morning of the month at the Crate and Apple. Just turn up between 10am and 11am and meet your neighbours. The next one is on 1 June.
Knitting and Social Group: Every Monday morning from 10am – 12 noon. Knitter or not, please come along and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the Crate and Apple.
Organiser: Sally Lowe ( )
“Bavardage au Pub”: Last Monday in the month at the Crate and Apple at 6.30pm. A relaxed hour or so speaking French. All levels welcome.
Contact Jane Davies ( ) 07792 708229.
Bebette Jones

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