At the Annual General Meeting of the Westgate RA, the following residents were duly elected to the Committee for one year:


  • Sarah Quail, Chairman
  • Bebette Jones, Secretary
  • Vince Waldron, Treasurer

Committee members

  • Gabrielle Abbott
  • Richard Staughton
  • Kathryn Kellagher
  • Anthony Quail
  • Brian Raincock
  • Julia Smith
  • Finan Letts

Who does what?

Watching Briefs

Committee members also have further watching  briefs:

  • Bulletin – Bebette Jones
  • Cycle Path – Julia Smith
  • Friends of the Brewery Field (formerly Henty Field) – Bebette Jones
  • Newsletter – Bebette Jones
  • St Bartholomew’s Church – Brian Raincock
  • Traffic Action Group – Richard Staughton, John Davies
  • Trees and Planter Beds – Brian Raincock
  • Social Programme – Brian Raincock
  • Covid assistance – Kathryn Kellagher
  • Whitehouse Farm – Gabrielle Abbott

If you wish to contact any member of the Committee about any matter you consider important to the residents of Westgate and its side streets, do send an email.


In addition, the following residents have graciously offered their time and expertise to assist the Committee in its work. This kind of single-issue volunteering is less onerous than serving on the Committee but does provide the Association with an invaluable boost in the researching or monitoring of specific issues. Feel free to offer your services too.

Expert Group

  • John Davies – Traffic Action Group
  • Gordon Jones – Association Accounts Verification
  • Brian Hopkins – Tree Warden
  • Penny Tomlinson – Street Planters
  • Sally Lowe – Knitting Group: Knit and Natter
  • Jane Davies – French Conversation Group: Bavardage au Pub
  • Nicki Clarke – Street Parties
  • Finan Letts – Website

Locality Reps

Each member of this group looks after information distribution and reports on issues facing the households in their zone of the Residents’ Association catchment area:

  • Sue Doggart – Westgate (East End)
  • Vacant – Westgate (West End)
  • David Tregear – Henty Gardens
  • Annette Hutcheson – St Bartholomew’s Close
  • Bebette Jones – Tannery Close
  • Brian Raincock – Mount Lane

Buddy System

We also run a buddy system for neighbours who do not have access to the Internet. If you have a neighbour for whom you could print off Association emails and bulletins, please let us know.


Annette Hutcheson · 7th February 2016 at 3:03 pm

Dear Colin

I met Sue and Richard on the street this afternoon and told them I had done a good deed this morning: I spent 2 hours and picked up rubbish on Henty Field, 6 Tesco bags worth, full and overflowing, and put them by the bins at the Records Office.
I called and left a message with Paula Chatfield. BUT Richard said I must tell you because you’re on the Field committee. I just wanted to say that I cleared most of the field, so more pleasant to walk there, though unfortunately no one else came, but there is much more to do at the entrance where they have cleared the bushes. Maybe some of the other “friends of the field” can help do the rest? I don’t wish to be mentioned, just FYI and where I put the bags, and hopefully someone else will continue to help clear. I do hope people use the fields, Bebette and I are telling dog walkers etc. Wishing you both a relaxing Sunday evening.
Annette Hutcheson

Mrs Dione Venables · 7th May 2016 at 12:38 pm

Another good meeting for coffee this morning. We are gradually getting to recognise and “know” new faces (and old ones) and hope so much that ideas will flow from these brief get-togethers. One good suggestion has come from Valerie Woodall this morning. She has suggested a locked gate access into the Field from Henty Gardens which will give Westgate residents access without having to walk all the way round to the present entrance. I understand that there has been a similar request for those in the Parklands area too. KEY HOLDERS ONLY. The Maltings already have this arrangement out to the main road, and it is very successful.

Jane and Brian Carbarns · 12th June 2016 at 2:55 pm

Please add us to the mailing list

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