This post is the last in a series of 5 to give you more detail of the traffic impacts onto Westgate of the White House Farm Development. If you want to read them in order, you can read the first one here.

Proposed Additional Traffic Calming

The developer has to design a sustainable development for traffic and mitigate the impacts of increased traffic flows. There are three proposals currently on the table although these can change at any moment. You can make these maps bigger by clicking on them and viewing in the image viewer on your computer. The text however will remain fuzzy and largely illegible I am afraid.

Option 1 retains the current design:

Option 2 is much more radical and involves discarding the current traffic calming measures. Their proposals remove on street parking between Sherborne Road and Parklands in order to include a dedicated cycle track. Speed pads rather than bumps on the road will allow buses to pass over without shaking the passengers. But all this is only up to Parklands. On street parking is retained in the conservation area end of Westgate which prevents finding the necessary space that would be needed for a cycle track. In both sections clear markings in the road divide the carriageway between west and east headed traffic which may well have the impact of making it a much more clearly defined two carriageway road and encourage speeding.Slide13

Option 3 appears to be a combination of the two others:Slide14

End of this particular series. If you want to continue reading our traffic posts, then just type ‘traffic’ into the search box.

With thanks to Paul Wreyford for his permission to use the material he has so painstakingly researched for the Parklands Residents Association. Photos: Paul Wreyford. 

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