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The olde West Gate itself?

According to the caption, looking down West Street in 1782 from outside the walls, or is it? Historians are of the view that this is in fact Eastgate with the City prison on top, demolished in 1783. The other gates were demolished in 1773. However isn’t that building just inside the gate the famous Westgate pinch point? Could they have written in the wrong date by a decade (it looks like a later pencilled addition to the painting)?


Our position in old Chichester


The red area marks the boundary the parish of St Bartholomew without. It stretches from Orchard Street to no 80.St Barts suburb C19

The Church of St Bartholomew without

Once again without a function since 2014, a century ago it spent 20 years being neglected. We must not let that happen again.


Eric Gill’s brother Max revived it in 1929, decorating it on the inside

St Barts3

But demolishing the wedding cake tower over the West door (no picture survives)


For several hundred years there was a Westgate brewer

Here is a selection of beer labels from the last family owner, Henty. Fancy an Old Westgate Ale anyone?



Henty beer label HENTYCONBLUE 001-228x228 Unknown-1 $_1 sales_hentybrown-228x228

Henty went into business with Constable and here is a survivor of one of their pub trays, on sale on the internet too

Henty tray

And here’s a dray horse, once a popular sight in our street right up to the 50s. Some of our residents will remember.

4 WRA 07 - 1751 - Westgate Brewery - p1 only

The horses were kept in what will be our new park, Henty Field.

So where’s that you might ask?


The Brewery office is now Mercers. Yes, one of the biggest employers in Chichester is on our street.

1 WRA 07 - 1751 - Westgate Brewery - p1 only

The old railway line

The junction with the old Midhurst line, now Centurion Way, as it was when newly opened. Just look at that clean ballast!WRA 31 - Railway - Level Xing - fv(v2)2

WRA 31 - Railway - Level Xing - fv(v2)1

The level crossing as it is now

WRA 31 - Railway - Level Xing - fv(v2)4

but the railway house is still standing!

WRA 31 - Railway - Level Xing - fv(v2)3


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