The 2019 Committee and other core volunteers

Following the AGM in November 2019, the following people have been elected to serve you:

  • Richard Brownfield (chairman) 9 Westgate
  • Bebette Jones (secretary) 6 Tannery Close
  • Vince Waldron (treasurer) 72 Westgate – College liaison
  • Sarah Quail, 44 Westgate – editor, newsletter
  • Julia Smith,  66 Westgate – campaigns
  • Anthony Quail 44 Westgate – planning review
  • Brian Raincock 4 Mount Lane – social programme
  • Gabrielle Abbott, 76A Westgate
  • Finan Letts, Webmaster

Locality Representatives

The following have volunteered to help the committee with distribution and to report back on their local issues:

  • Annette Hutcheson, 16 St Bartholomew’s Close
  • Bebette Jones, 6 Tannery Close
  • Sue Doggart, 3b Westgate
  • David Tregear, 36 Henty Gardens
  • Brian Raincock, 4 Mount Lane

This group provides an important contribution to the committee that can ensure that the concerns of all our side streets are being listened to.

Other useful people

Tree Warden: Brian Hopkins, 15 Henty Gardens

Traffic Group: John Davies, 31 Westgate

Social Programme:

  • Brian Raincock, 4 Mount Lane
  • Nicki Clarke, 42 Westgate
  • Andy Jeffcoate at the Crate & Apple pub, 12 Westgate, organises social events which households can pay to join

Knitting Group: Sally Lowe, 27 Westgate

Bavardage au Pub French conversation group: Jane Davies, 31 Westgate

Gardening Group: Penny Tomlinson, 11 Westgate

We are grateful to all our volunteers for their invaluable expertise and their time. If you can help, do contact us now.

Colin Hicks

Webmaster, Westgate Residents' Association Chichester


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