where pedestrians seem to come last.

This was the state of things on the morning of the 18th December. This is what happens when a careless contractor like SSE installs new lighting, there is a double delivery at the Crate & Apple, cars are going to and fro carrying Christmas shoppers, a cyclist is trying to use the South Coast Cycle Route and suddenly the whole of Bishop Luffa walks to the Cathedral for their end of term service without even one adult supervising:


Surely SSE is obliged to make a temporary pathway for pedestrians when blocking the pavement like this? They are under contract to WSCC to install this lighting after all and WSCC are the highways authority.

You can’t see the waiting car turning into Westgate from the Avenue de Chartres but it was there. And all that is missing to complete the mayhem in this photo is a Stagecoach bus on its way to Old Bosham or Parklands.

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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