Here’s how the heritage end of the street now looks with the new tops.

Finally this week (mid-December 2015) SSE has come round to fit the remainder of the heritage tops to the new lamps at the east end of Westgate. They had been unable to complete because of parked cars and there is a suspension of parking outside no 22 still pending, so all is not yet finished.

Here they are at work this morning:


Old and new. The temporary, not to say wrong, top is in the foreground, the right one behind:



Just a couple more tops to go, at the end of the street… plus a builder, and a two van delivery at the Crate & Apple, and the whole of Bishop Luffa on its way to the Cathedral without adult supervision. SSE has blocked the pavement completely and made no provision for safe passage, and nor have the drivers at the Crate & Apple it must be said:


A couple of minutes later and this is the scene with a few more hazards thrown in, like cars and a cyclist, to create nearly the perfect storm. All that’s missing is a bus, not that there would have been any room for it:


And this is going to be the main exit east from the White House Farm development? Hmm.

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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