Alongside its electronic and paper publications, the Committee has always wished the WGRA website to be a useful means of staying in touch with residents and keeping them informed between meetings.

Barely a year old, it has apparently become a model of its kind and is now a pretty comprehensive source of information both for today and the history of our area. We run many sections of interest for residents, the main ones of which cover matters of concern to do with planning, our environment, our social life and association business. But you will also find a comprehensive section on local history and document and picture libraries relevant to our residents.

There is also a lot of information, including the details of all your elected representatives from the City Council up to the MP as well as the members of the Committee. The sections on traffic management and the Whitehouse Farm development, our social programme and our local history are particularly worth a visit.

If you have access to the internet just type in in the search box and up will come the front page. This always contains the very latest information on all issues that the Committee feels currently affect the Residents, including a “what’s-on?” and the form to register your email on our database. The site is designed to be read on any platform and will work just as well on a tablet or a smart phone as on a computer.

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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