At the AGM on Saturday 14th January 2017, the following people were elected to serve on the WGRA Committee:

Chairman: Dr Richard Brownfield

  • Proposed: Vaughan Lowe
  • Seconded: Penny Tomlinson

Secretary: Colin Hicks

  • Proposed: Richard Brownfield
  • Seconded: Sally Lowe

Treasurer: Vince Waldron

  • Proposed: Rosy Turner
  • Seconded: Paula Street

Brian Bird

  • Proposed: Carole Bisogni
  • Seconded: Gordon Jones

Anthony Quail

  • Proposed: Rosy Turner
  • Seconded: Nikki Clarke

Brian Raincock

  • Proposed: Tommy Lynch
  • Seconded: Annette Hutcheson

Paula Street

  • Proposed: Vince Waldron
  • Seconded: Penelope Finn

Cecilia Cole

  • Proposed: Tim Bunker
  • Seconded: Nikki Clarke

Julia Smith

  • Proposed: Richard Brownfield
  • Seconded: David Tregear

Colin Hicks

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