Our District Councillors, Clare Apel and Richard Richard Edward Plowman held a Public Meeting on Saturday 2nd June at St Wilfrid’s Church and Community Hall. For those who cared about what happens to the A27 but weren’t up to speed with what has been happening since Highways England decided last year not to progress with improving the A27 at Chichester, this was a chance to find out the current position and what decisions Chichester District Council will be taking next Friday (8th June).

Participants were able to feed back their views to our local Councillors (who represent the whole of Chichester West ward on Chichester District Council) so they can represent our community to best effect when the Full Council meets next Friday.

The Council Meetings

A special Chichester District Council Cabinet Meeting at 9.30a.m. will be followed by a Full Council Meeting, including Councillors Apel and Plowman, at 10.45a.m. the same day. If you wish to do some background reading, or prefer to attend the Meetings having read up a bit on the subject, you can find the Chichester District Council Meeting Report here – see Agenda Item 5 in the Agenda reports pack.

A27 deliberations are also Agenda Item 5 on West Sussex County Council‘s Environment, Communities and Fire Select Committee on Monday (4th June), the Agenda and report for which is available online.

So if reading/surveys are not your thing (or you didn’t get round to completing our survey before it closed on Wednesday) and/or you’d much rather listen / ask questions / discuss what should happen next with the A27 around Chichester, these are your best opportunities.

Both reports outline the background to where we are now and the different perspectives/conclusions of the two Councils. Both meetings are to be held in public, if you wish to attend to hear what Councillors and officers have to say on the subject.

If you wish to contact our District Councillors direct, their details are as follows:

Clare Apel email or tel.783738
Richard Plowman email or tel. 787663

With best wishes,

Paula Chatfield

Committee Member (Publicity), Parklands Residents’ Association

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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