Dear Resident,

I hope you are enjoying this lovely warm weather. Please give the planters a cooling drink whenever you can.

Are you fed up with the traffic in Westgate?

During the week of 9th to 13th July it is planned to hold a Westgate Action Week.

The object of the week is to draw attention to Westgate as a community with signs such as “People live here”, “20mph area”, “No HGVs”, “Please Drive Slowly” displayed along the street. There will also be groups of residents on the pavement between 8.30 and 9.30 in the morning and 4.30 to 5.30 in the afternoon, on Monday to Friday (9-13th) wearing yellow jackets and collecting traffic information (the sight of someone in a yellow jacket with a clip board has a marked effect on drivers). Most people should have yellow jackets in their cars, but there will be some spares.

If you would like to be involved, we need as many people as possible just to join the groups on the pavement. The groups will be outside number 15 Westgate and between number 89 and 91 Westgate. This is just a presence and participants must not be aggressive towards drivers. We also need people to make placards.

Please contact Julia Smith (66 Westgate) who is leading the event and organizing the group at number 89/91, Tel 776546. or Sandy Young will be leading the group outside number 15. Tel: 775406 or if you have any questions and to let her know when you can make it, but it if you are not sure, just turn up when you can. The more the better!

We also plan to train a number of residents to use the hand held “Speed Indicating Device” (SID) for sessions on the road from time to time. Westgate has one of the four places which the police have agreed for deployment of the SID in Chichester (outside number 19). If you would like to be involved, the first stage is to visit the Speedwatch website at and take the training test (click Register / Join Existing Group (Chichester City) / Finish Training buttons to find the training online). You can take the simple test as many times as you like. When you have passed (90%) please let Julia Smith know at who will organize the next stage. You will need to attend a second practical training session by the police or our coordinator (Julia). The first opportunity for this will be outside No. 19 at 6pm on Thursday 28th June, when our PCSO Jason Lemm is coming, so please try to complete the on-line training by then.

Please note: Julia will be coming to coffee at the Crate on Saturday 7th July to make final arrangements and update information for the Westgate Action Week.

Bollard Painting

We have encountered one or two problems in advancing the repainting of the bollards and need to resolve these before proceeding further – as it is not a time sensitive project, the delay is manageable. I will be in touch in due course with the many willing volunteers.


To help with the bollard painting please contact Brian Raincock at 4 Mount Lane, Tel: 539138 or

White House Farm

Following the signing of the S106 agreement at last, a meeting of the WSCC Infrastructure Steering Group is now scheduled for 19th July. The chairman and John Davies from the Traffic Advisory Group will be attending. This is the forum where I believe we have the best opportunity of influencing the future layout of local roads, with the help of the WSCC Highways Officers.

The Tannery

No progress at the moment but the plan to develop it as a car park has been delayed. We are pressing for the re-development to start as soon as possible.

Coming events

Every Monday morning from 10am – 12 noon.

Knitting and Social Group. Knitter or not, come along and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the Crate and Apple. Organiser: Sally Lowe

Every 1st Saturday morning of the month

WGRA Coffee Morning at the Crate and Apple. Just turn up between 10.00am and 11.00am and meet your neighbours. Next Saturday 7th July

Last Monday in the month

“Bavardage au Pub” at the Crate and Apple at 6.30pm. A relaxed hour or so speaking French. All levels welcome. Contact Jane Davies 07792 708229 or

Local’s night

Ask Andy and see announcements in the porch at the Crate and Apple pub, 12 Westgate.

Protecting your personal data

If you do not wish to receive further communications from the WGRA, please contact the Secretary, Bebette Jones at 6 The Tannery or at Thank you.

Richard Brownfield June 27th, 2018

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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