by Zoom 10.00 am Saturday 14 November 2020

You will not be surprised to learn that due to Government restrictions on numbers of people who can meet together, we cannot hold our AGM this year at St Wilfrid’s Church Hall. The committee discussed at length the options available and has decided to hold a hybrid meeting. This will be a ‘behind closed doors’ meeting of the current WGRA committee to conduct the business of the AGM.

The legal profession is advising large numbers of different organisations to use this format in the current emergency. However, we propose to open up this meeting to the WGRA membership via Zoom as we feel that this provides some semblance of a democratic process.

You are most welcome to observe the proceedings remotely but voting will be done by proxy in advance of the meeting. This involves members completing a proxy form appointing the Chair of the meeting to vote on their behalf on each resolution to be proposed at the meeting.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that members will participate as much as possible in the new format.
What do I have to do now?
Nominations – Officers and committee members are elected at the AGM for one year, at the end of which they all retire, but are eligible for re-election for a further year. Those standing for election so far are Sarah Quail (Chair) and for re-election Bebette Jones (Secretary), Vince Waldron (Treasurer), Gabrielle Abbot, Julia Smith, Brian Raincock and Anthony Quail. We welcome anyone interested in joining the committee and there is a nomination form at the end of the October Bulletin.

If you cannot print the form then email for a paper copy. Please return this form by 22 October 2020 either by:
 email a completed scanned copy of the form to
 drop a printed copy of the form into the household nearest to you:
Sarah Quail, 44 Westgate
Bebette Jones, 6 Tannery Close
Vince Waldron, 72 Westgate
 post a printed copy to: Bebette Jones, Secretary WGRA, 6 Tannery Close

What happens next?
At the beginning of November, you will receive, by email, your invitation to join the Zoom meeting along with all your AGM papers (Agenda, Annual Report, Financial Report etc.) You will also receive a proxy form for voting on proposals and nominations for officers and committee. This form will also include an opportunity to submit a written question to the meeting which will be dealt with under ‘Any Other Business (AOB)’. Please return this proxy form to the Secretary by the date given on the form.
For practical reasons, voting can take place only on the proxy forms in advance and not on
Zoom. Only 2019-20 paid-up members are entitled to vote and there is only one vote per
household. A full report on the AGM will appear in the next Bulletin.

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