Dear Residents,

In additions to our usual Bulletins, I am now sending out the ‘Package’ of papers for the forthcoming AGM.  I realize that it involves a large number of attachments but I hope you will take the time to have a look at them in preparation for the meeting.

AGM Information

Our next AGM will be on Saturday 14 November 2020 at 10am and as explained in the last Bulletin, due to present circumstances, it will be held under a new hybrid format using Zoom.

You will find attached to this email all the relevant AGM papers:-

1.  Agenda

2.  Minutes of the last AGM on 23 November 2019

3.  Annual Report 2019-20

4.  Financial Statement and Accounts 2019-20

5.  Proxy Form

6.  Copy of revised Constitution 2020

Zoom Invitation – please respond now!

If you are intending to join the meeting by Zoom, please send an email to 

Vince Waldron saying you would like to attend (please send your email by 12 November at the latest)  You will then be sent a return email with an invitation link to click on to join the meeting. 

The Annual Report 2019-20

This now replaces our twice annual Newsletters and it contains a wealth of information of what WGRA has been up to this year.  Please take a moment to read it.

The Proxy Form – please respond now!

To simplify matters and for those of you who do not use Zoom, we have asked for all voting on Nominations and Resolutions to be done by Proxy.  Please complete and print the attached Proxy form and return by 8 November 2020 so your votes can be counted.  Remember you have to be a fully paid up member to vote.  

Unfortunately, as the forms have to be distributed and completed in advance, we are not able to accept any further nominations or resolutions for voting on at the actual AGM zoom meeting.

If there are any matters which members wish to raise with us, they are welcome to add them to Page 2 of the Proxy Form and these will be dealt with under “Any Other Business’ at the meeting.   A full account of the meeting will be included in the next WGRA Bulletin.

Revised Constitution

We propose to make two revisions to the WGRA Constitution as follows:

4a) “Annual Report” has been inserted instead of ‘twice yearly Newsletter”

5f)  This is a new clause referring to Associate Membership.  The intention is that Associate Members will be appointed by the WGRA committee to help with Committee business under the direction of the Committee. If approved by residents, we hope that this new category of Committee membership will enable more people to become involved in WGRA activities without having to take on the responsibilities of being a full Committee member. Our intention would be to appoint Finan Letts, Katherine Kellagher and Louise Higham as the first Associate Members.

We thank you for your understanding of these changes to our usual AGM procedures necessitated by current guidelines and we hope that as many of you as possible will vote by proxy and participate by Zoom.  If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:

With best wishes,

Bebette Bebette Jones
Westgate Residents Association







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