Following on from the WGRA AGM this morning it is probably worth republishing this list produced by our Traffic Action Group:

  1. No link to Westgate from the Whitehouse Farm southern access road.
  2. Reduce and eventually eliminate “rat running” along Westgate.
  3. Minimise air pollution and noise.
  4. Safe walkways, routes and crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.
  5. Physically separate routes for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.
  6. Roadside permit parking retained for residents, in particular at east Westgate.
  7. Westgate’s character safeguarded by protecting its visual and heritage qualities.
  8. Safe access to dwelling entrances with obstructions minimised.
  9. Traffic management systems should be legally enforceable and enhanced by IT and deterrents.
  • Should there be a clash of traffic planning outcomes the safety, parking and travel needs of residents in Westgate and area are to have priority over the convenience of visitors and those passing through the neighbourhood.

Colin Hicks

Webmaster, Westgate Residents' Association Chichester


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