The Association feel it is important to close the street to traffic one day in the year and gather together all our residents and friends at one huge party.  It is wonderful to see the street alive with people rather than the usual traffic mayhem.

The Westgate Street parties have been organised in recent years by a consortium of different neighbours led by Kathryn Kellagher or Sandy Young, with other volunteers very much in evidence. So thanks to all of them for making these parties such very special occasions for the whole community.

Here are some snaps of previous gatherings (if you are looking for the photos of the 2016 Party then please click here):

WRA street party 2011


Westgate Jubilee Party - 0001


WRA Street party 2014


These are social occasions which importantly allow us to make better acquaintance with neighbours old and new.


If you are looking for the photos of the 2016 Party then please click here.

Thanks to Anthony Quail and Colin Hicks for the photos. If you have others of these earlier events tucked away somewhere, then please let us have them to post here too!

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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