WHITE HOUSE FARM – The WSCC have appointed a consultant to advise them on changes to the road layout as a result of the development at WHF. Their report should be available for the meeting between the RAs and the WSCC (Louise Goldsmith and Dominic Smith) on 3rd March (not 3rd Feb as previously reported). The developers are being slow with the S106 negotiations, so no movement is expected in the immediate future.

PLANTERS – Congratulations to Penny Tomlinson and Brian Raincock for the successful award of a full Discretionary Grant for the refurbishment and replanting programme of 14 Planters in Westgate. A Representative will be required to attend the City Council Meeting on Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 1800 in the Council Chamber for the cheque to be presented.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – At the AGM we voted to pay £10 per household to the Association each year. This gives the right to vote at all meetings and help steer the association. All residents within our area will still be able to attend events, as we want to be inclusive, but we need some money to run the show and want to build a reserve so that we don’t have to come back to the residents with a begging bowl, if we need funds to continue the fight over White House Farm. Only about 50 of the 200+ households have paid so far. If you can afford it, please take £10 (Cheque – ‘Westgate RA’ or cash) to the treasurer Vince Waldron at 72 Westgate or give it to Colin Hicks (Secretary) or Richard brownfield (Chair), perhaps at the next Coffee Morning.

COMMUNICATIONS – It has been suggested that the members are suffering from an “information overload”. We publish the NEWSLETTER twice a year. This goes to all residents in the area and will contain important information about the AGM etc. which we want to be widely disseminated, as well as articles of general and historical interest. The BULLETIN goes out, usually each month, to all the people on the e-mail and “ buddy” lists. This is more chatty with up to date topical information. We have been requested to make this shorter, which we will try and do. Parkland RA also deliver their newsletter 4 times a year to our area.
If you have views – Is this too much, too little or, about right? Please send me an e-mail to chair@westgatera.org.uk


  • Next Coffee morning at the Crate and Apple from 10.00am on Saturday March 4th. Just turn up.
  • Local supper (£12) at the Crate and Apple every Wednesday evening. People usually gather about 6.00 and sit down at 6.30pm. 14 people sat at a long table together last week. No need to book and it is fine to come by yourself.

Richard Brownfield

Colin Hicks

Site Admin - Westgate Residents' Association Chichester

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