White House Farm

Not much happening at the moment, but the Chairman will be meeting with Louise Goldsmith at County Hall on 16th March for a review.

The Tannery

At a meeting of the South Chichester County Local Committee on 20 February 2018, a proposal was put forward to use County Hall, Orchard Street and the Tannery Car Parks as a pay and display car parking for council staff during the day and the public for evenings and weekends. After some discussion, it was agreed to defer the proposal for the time being. Although it was mentioned during the discussion that the Tannery car park would only be temporary, no further mention was made of any redevelopment plans.

Coming events

Saturday 3rd March – WGRA Coffee Morning at the Crate and Apple. Just turn up between 10.00am and 11.00am and meet your neighbours.

Monday 26th February 6.30pm – “Bavardage au Pub” at the Crate and Apple. Held on the last Monday of the month. A relaxed hour or so speaking French. All levels welcome. Contact Jane Davies 07792 708229 janedavies31@gmail.com

Tuesday 27th February– “Locals’ Night” at the Crate and Apple – Wine tasting at 6.30pm, book with Andy
Details from Andy
Cost £25pp
18.30 – 20.30
10 – 12 wines

Fun, casual and informative chat about each wine from a professional (highly qualified) wine connoisseur. The expert will try and encourage audience tasting opinion but will lead the discussion.
Canape selection with white wines, Cheese Board selection to be served with reds.(Advise to eat prior to arrival or stay for dinner after??)

Every Monday morning from 10am – 12 noon.

Knitting and Social Group. Knitter or not, come along and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the Crate and Apple. Organiser: Sally Lowe sallylowe10@gmail.com
Richard Brownfield Bebette Jones

Colin Hicks

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